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The Ceiba was the most sacred tree for the ancient Mayans, symbolizing the origins of the universe itself. The Ya'axché, as it was called in the Mayan language, represented the spiritual connection that human beings have with the earth, the sky, and the underworld. We honor this holy tree and treasure the bounty that Mother Earth offers us by embracing a slow approach to fashion.

Ceiba finds its inspiration in the indigenous traditions and styling of the Yucatán peninsula of Latin América, home of the magnificent Mayan culture. Combining classic silhouettes with contemporary styling, we bring you artisan-crafted statement pieces that make it easy to be both casual and sophisticated. Our apparel is meant to take you effortlessly from day to night with vibrant colors, meticulous hand embroidery, and an eclectic style brimming with personality.

Every piece comes from an original design conceptualized by Ceiba founder, Eyra Pérez. They are brought to life by artisan embroiderers working in Yucatán. Each of our pieces is unique, individually hand-drawn and perfectly imperfect. You may even find markings that show the hand of our artisans. This is the charm of slow fashion, it's made by real people in real time.  

In México, women and girls often wear embroidered dresses that are usually white and colorfully embroidered with fabulous flowers and greenery. Our pieces take inspiration from these traditional garments while elevating them with a contemporary style and cross-cultural references.